Small business grants to investigate in H2 of 2021

Get help for your business

Almost 1 in 5 small businesses don’t survive past five years and a lack of cash is generally the reason.

In 2021, running a small business is hard so it makes sense to access all the support you can.

There’s no shame in using whatever grants that the government provides to get and keep your business on its feet. Queensland currently has grants available to small businesses and it is worth making the most of them.

About grants

Not every grant is a basic cash hand out. Some have specific criteria.

Even if your business is eligible for a grant, there are likely to be limitations. These may be around:

  • The amount of money
  • Time frames
  • Business location
  • Business size
  • Business objectives

Whatever the grant you are applying for you will need to be prepared. Do your research and be thorough on your application. There are companies which can help you to apply for grants so you have the best chance of success.

Finding grants

Grants are always coming and going. The Queensland Government recommends using the following tools to search for a grant:

  • Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS): This is a good place to find industry specific grants. The ABLIS is also the place to go to find appropriate licensing, permit, and registration information. You can also get a free business health check.
  • Queensland Government Grants Finder: The Queensland Government Grants Finder is your one stop site to search for the latest grants across all industries.
  • Grants & Programs Finder: This is an Australian Government page that will show you grants across the states and territories.
  • GrantConnect: A federal list of all available grants in the country.
  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) business assistance finder: Queensland’s COVID-19 specific assistance
Types of grants

Grants can be found for establishment, growth, commercialisation, and exporting. They are also available for research and development and innovation. This last is one of the best ways to get a grant in 2021.

The Queensland Government is very accommodating to businesses that it deems innovative. They even provide specific advice on becoming an innovative business. Finding ways to define your business as innovative is a smart move going into 2022.

Applying for a grant

The government will expect high standards from your grant application. Before you apply you will need to do extensive research and the grant. Understand its criteria and requirements. Make sure that you address all criteria thoroughly and deeply.

There is always a lot of competition for grants so you want your application to stand out. For more guidance on writing your application make sure to read the government’s advice. It is also wise to employ some outside help like a professional accountant to double check your numbers.

Grants in 2021

Specific grants currently available in Queensland in 2021 include:

  • Regional Recycling Transport Assistance Package: A regional grant that assists in transporting materials for recycling.
  • Manufacturing Hubs Grants Program: A grant from $5,000 to $1 million to aid in manufacturing.
  • Business Basics Grants: Currently in round 2 for regional areas (as of September 2021), this grant is the key grant for small businesses. When it is in round 1 again city areas will be eligible. This grant of $5,000 is for developing skills and best core practice.

There are also a number of grants in late 2021 for the tourism industry. The government is keen to give assistance to the tourism sector after it took a hit from COVID-19.

Examples of grants that have just closed include the Business Growth Fund, the Small Business Digital Grants Program, and Disaster Assistance Loans (Small Business).

With grants coming and going at all times, it is essential to keep your eyes peeled and to connect with providers who can help you to apply.

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