What happens if I don’t lodge a tax return?

Sometimes life gets busy and taking care of financial matters falls by the wayside. However, no matter what is going on, it is still a legal requirement to lodge a tax return in Australia. This article will take a quick look at what you need to do to lodge a tax return and answers the [...]

Top tax tips for small business owners in Queensland

Tax time rolls around each year whether you like it or not. As a small business owner, it can feel overwhelming, however it is possible to establish a routine and set of best practices that make lodging your tax return a more manageable experience. Take a look at some tax tips for small business owners [...]

Good vs great: How to pick a tax accountant

As a small business owner who is based in Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Brisbane or surrounding areas, you will no doubt realise fairly quickly that it makes sense to have a good tax accounting. And while there are plenty of them around, it can be hard to figure out how to pick a tax accountant who [...]

Five ways to pay less tax

* Every dollar counts when you own a small business so if you’re wondering how to pay less tax, take a look at the following tips from a leading small business accountant. How to pay less tax Keep good records and separate bank accounts It may be tempting to pay for something work-related using your [...]

Five tax time no-nos for small business owners

At our accounting firm, we have seen it all. If you’re worried because you haven’t lodged your taxes in a while or because your bookkeeping isn’t up to scratch, you can rest assured we have definitely seen worse! One of the areas we specialise in is helping small businesses to get back on track when [...]

Why you need a tax accountant

Want more money and less stress? A tax accountant can play a big role in helping you have both. While it’s possible to manage your finances and lodge your tax online, there are some big reasons to hand the responsibility to someone else, especially if you’re a small business owner. These are some of the [...]