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All your GST needs including planning & advice.

Work with our small business accountants to keep your business GST compliant.

GST or Goods and Services Tax is a broad, 10 per cent tax on goods and services sold in Australia.

As a GST-registered business, you should be collecting and paying GST to the ATO.

We can work with you to develop processes for determining, charging, collecting, and paying GST so it’s simple and hassle-free.

GST Accounting Services

These are the key elements which are important to get right when it comes to GST accounting:

  • Registration
  • Application of correct rates & recording it correctly
  • Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS)
  • Submitting to ATO on-time
  • Avoiding non-compliance penalties

Help manage the cashflows resulting from GST tax exposure

Mobbs and Company will help you manage the cashflows resulting from GST (Goods and Services Tax) tax exposure by providing guidance on GST compliance and tax planning strategies. Some specific ways an we can help manage GST cashflows include:

  1. Assessing GST exposure: An accountant can help a business assess its GST exposure by identifying which goods and services are subject to GST, and by determining the GST liability for those items.
  2. Filing GST returns: An accountant can assist a business in filing GST returns, ensuring that they are accurate and timely. This can help to avoid penalties and interest charges.
  3. Managing GST payments: An accountant can help a business manage GST payments by providing guidance on when and how to make GST payments, and by assisting with the preparation of GST payment forms.
  4. Cash flow forecasting: An accountant can help a business forecast its GST cash flows by providing guidance on GST compliance and tax planning strategies. This can help to ensure that the business has adequate cash reserves to meet its GST obligations.
  5. Identifying GST refunds: An accountant can help a business identify GST refunds that it may be entitled to, such as input tax credits, which can help to improve cash flows.
  6. GST compliance review: An accountant can conduct a GST compliance review to ensure that the business is adhering to GST regulations and to identify any potential areas of non-compliance that can lead to penalties and fines.

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