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Understand how depreciation works with negative gearing

Negative gearing is a heavily debated topic throughout the property industry and is often in the headlines at election time. As one of the major drawcards to investing in property, investors must factor it into their ongoing strategy. Before exploring the negative gearing and depreciation relationship, let’s cover the essentials first. What is negative gearing? […]

How to make life easier for your tax accountant (so you get more for your money)

This tax advice blog will show you how to be your tax accountant’s best client and why this will always work in your favour. Does your tax accountant love you or do you suspect they are reluctant to answer the phone when you call? If you’re leaning towards the latter, you could be missing out [...]

Tax time countdown, how to be prepared

Tax time is coming up again; are you ready? Find out how to be prepared for tax time in 2021 and about the benefits of using a specialist tax account. The financial new year seems to roll around faster every year. And just as we do on January 1st, every July 1st sees us resolving [...]

How the government decides who to audit

Tax accountant services in Brisbane are there for you should you get audited. But how does the ATO decide who to audit? Read on to learn more. If you find yourself or your business slapped with an audit you will probably be in dire need of tax accountant services. Every Brisbane business and individual is [...]

Tax time isn’t final

Your tax return isn’t final. By amending previous tax returns and using a good business accounting service, you may be able to claim far more than you thought. If you have done your own taxes in the past, you may have made a mistake and paid too much tax. The good news is that with [...]

Five tax deductions you may have missed last year

This financial year, there have been some changes to the tax deductions you can claim due to COVID. Read on to learn more from an experienced Sunshine Coast accountant. The federal government made some changes to what you can claim during COVID so you may be able to look forward to a lower tax bill [...]

How to catch up if you haven’t filed your taxes

If you are late to file your tax return, the problem can be sorted out faster with the help of a tax professional. Find out more from a tax accountant in Brisbane. Lots of small business owners and individuals either forget about or don’t get around to lodging their taxes for years. When things start [...]

Why you need a tax accountant

Want more money and less stress? A tax accountant can play a big role in helping you have both. While it’s possible to manage your finances and lodge your tax online, there are some big reasons to hand the responsibility to someone else, especially if you’re a small business owner. These are some of the [...]

Five tax time no-nos for small business owners

At our accounting firm, we have seen it all. If you’re worried because you haven’t lodged your taxes in a while or because your bookkeeping isn’t up to scratch, you can rest assured we have definitely seen worse! One of the areas we specialise in is helping small businesses to get back on track when [...]

Five ways to pay less tax

Every dollar counts when you own a small business so if you’re wondering how to pay less tax, take a look at the following tips from a leading small business accountant. How to pay less tax Keep good records and separate bank accounts It may be tempting to pay for something work-related using your own [...]