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How to prepare for your 2022 small business tax return

Once May and June roll around, it’s time to take some last-minute steps to reduce your tax bill for 2021/2022.

Essential tax planning steps for individuals

Get the most out of your personal tax return this year.

Seven benefits of pre-July tax planning

The businesses and individuals who spend May and June preparing for EOFY find things a lot easier after July 1st. They also find they get more from their tax return.

How to avoid a huge tax debt

The only certainties in life are death and taxes, yet many business owners bury their heads in the sand.

Is your work vehicle tax-deductible and what can you claim?

Many of us use vehicles to get around during the work day and unless it’s all paid for by the company, it’s important to keep a record of vehicle expenses so you can claim them at the end of the financial year and reduce your tax bill.

Superannuation changes in 2022

Changes to Australian Superannuation are either on the way or have already been introduced. Some of these can be used to minimise your tax bill in the future.

The difference between a bookkeeper and a tax accountant (and why you need both)

How is a bookkeeper different from an accountant? Take a look at bookkeeper vs accountant and why you need both.

Is your vehicle tax deductible?

Getting the most out of your tax deductions can be difficult. Learn what you can and can’t claim as a vehicle expense in Australia.

Small business grants to investigate in H2 of 2021

Is your business eligible for a grant during COVID or for any other reason in 2021? Take a look at what is available.

What happens if you can’t pay your tax bill

What happens if you can’t pay your tax bill? If your business is having trouble there are several ways to deal with a big tax bill.